Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gift Guide: To Die Over Hostess Gifts

Well people, it’s here! Holiday parties are added to the calendar and the holiday panic is in full swing. Why? because a gift is needed for our hostess of the night. What to get your host besides alcohol or the non original gift of a flower bouquet? Try this group on for size:

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1                      I love this group of cupcake bath bombs from C Wonder. They look good enough to eat, don’t you think? This is a fun way to start a conversation and trust me as a party hostess myself; I always take a hot bubble soak after a great party.
2                     Cranberry Velvet! This pillow cover screams; Add me to your comfy holiday couch. This pillow is available in white and grey if your hostess is more the mono chromomeric type. The gold tassels where the selling point for me. From H&M Home.
3                     How regal does this candle box set look with its gold leaf inside and matte navy wrap? only $34.00 can you believe it?
4                     Fur. What can be said except heck yeah! I would love this as a gift. Fuzzy, soft and warm. Pardon me my wonderful guest I will be holding court on the couch, snuggled under this fur throw of love. At Target
5                     Plaid is just such a traditional look, so why not add a little note attached to what should be a neck scarf that says; Try this plaid scarf as a table runner. At Target
6                     Now this is a gift for those of you who are feeling spendy! Art Deco tea set: this is the quintessential modern hostess gift from the MOMA store.
Art Deco is one of my all-time favorite eras.

If you have a holiday gift guide you would like to share please comment on your favorite item in my hostess gift post and I will be sure to gift you back some comment love.

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