Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Red: Mad for it!

Mad for It!

I occasional wear red lip stick. I absolutely love shades of vermilion, scarlet and crimson. Each has its own difference of hue. The color red to me doesn't mean stop, it says elegance, classic and festive, and especially at this time of year. Having the right shade of red can transform your look. I’m  sure some of you have tried red in the past and have said it’s not for me. Note: over the years formulas have expanded greatly. The shade possibilities are endless. 

Did you know-

Red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing and it's also associated as the color of love. Imagine wearing this on your lips--what signals are you sending? Bold is defined as “willing to break the rules”, so why not make a bold statement without saying a word.

image: Emma Maclaren by Tony Kim (The Shadow In Red - Sure Korea December 2011)

It's a little diva, but you can handle that--it's those around you that might need a handbook on the new you
When Asked “why red” 

 Some explained away it's a cause and effect, while other simply said “wearing red finally allowed them to be the sexy woman they always knew existed” and right now, instead of questioning it or letting the skeptic in, you come out and play, why not experiment for yourself and let red take over? What do you have to loose?
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